Take The Leap

10,500' Tandem Freefall at 120mph

$260 with free picture

Video Options for Purchase upon Arrival and delivered on Flash Drive

Boot Legger - Unedited Handcam Video

Mountaineer - Professionally Edited Video w/ Handcam  + Photos

Rockstar - Professionally Edited Video w/ Outside video flyer + Handcam + Photos 

 Discounts are available at checkout


7%  Students, Veterans, Groups of 5+, & first responders


5% for 5 or more canned food items

Airport Address:

90 Army Band Way

Morgantown, Wv 26505

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the East side of Morgantown Airport MGW

You will have to go to the back gate and follow instructions to the hangar location



Have your logo FLY HIGH above Fairmont, West Virginia daily!

We have an advertising opportunity available on parachutes flying through the skies!


Contact Chris@skydivemountaineer.com to make your business FLY!

Eyes turned skyward


Skydiving in Morgantown WV

To set up your skydiving experience email Jeremy@SkydiveMountaineer.com

Have you ever wondered what it was like to jump from a perfectly good airplane

Turn those thoughts into a reality and make sure to get your picture doing it!


"Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return"



Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Have your Football Game, Soccer Game, Sporting event, Fourth of July party, birthday party be one of the kind with parachutist pulling flags and smoke into your event.

Landing area specs required, Contact Chris@skydiveMountaineer.com to share your thoughts on a location

**DONT WAIT, DEMO jumps have to be Planned out and Scheduled at least two weeks ahead of time.

What to Expect, bring, Limitations, and special needs

Read Carefully

Airport Address:

90 Army Band Way

Morgantown, Wv 26505

Skydive Mountaineers highly trained staff will help you along every step (or fall) along the way

Laws and requirements: 

-Must be 18 or older 

-Must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs

-Tight fitting clothes are preferred with lace up shoes (120mph tested) Jump suits are provided over clothing 

-Skydiving is weather dependent so don't be surprised if we post pone your jump for a later time or another day. 

-*Call ahead especially if you have a long drive to see what the weather is doing 681-443-4670


-Arrive and tell staff you've arrived

-Be patient if they are currently working with other tandem passengers and enjoy the weather

-Check in, Sign Waivers, Watch video

-Be trained on emergency procedures, exiting the aircraft, Freefall, How to look cool, and landing under the parachute

-Gear up... Walk to plane... Get In.... Buckle up... Take Off... Open door... Step Out... ARCH and ENJOY

-Get Skydiver certificate 

Company policies – There will be mandatory Waiver of liability forms to sign. If you do not sign them, You will not jump. If you are not physically fit enough to perform the basic functions of skydiving then you will have your money refunded and will not be able to jump for Safety reasons.

STAFF –Kristof Czinege is Operation Manager and Chief Pilot

Tandem Instructors(TI) Jeremy Gouzd and Chris Egress____  >1000 Jumps each